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Golf Assessment And Intervention

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CEUs are available for Chiropractors (DC), Physical Therapists (PT/PTA), and Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC)

Any athlete knows that injuries can sideline them and keep them from doing what they love. We know the body is a complex system and dysfunction at any point could cause pain and injury in unpredictable ways. Identifying the dysfunction or “leaks in the system” and correcting them is the key to longevity and improved performance in sports. This course will first review the joint by joint model along with the skin brain connection. It will discuss the common golf injuries and how to assess for dysfunction as it relates to golf performance. We will explore novel approaches that incorporate tools you already own for faster recovery and better outcomes: myofascial cups, kinesiology tape, IASTM tools, and compression bands. You will leave this course with new tools and tactics that will address the most common complaints in golfers.

  • Investigate the combination of the Joint by Joint Model and the skin/brain connection
  • Differentiate mobility and/or stability dysfunctions in the golf swing and how to identify possible “leaks in the system”
  • Explain Screens & Assessments for movement fluency in golf.
  • Appraise the general concepts behind the use of various tools and how they can be used to facilitate changes in posture and performance.
  • Practice and understand the self applications of kinesiology tape for common golf injuries.

Hour 1

  • Intro 
  • Joint by Joint Model 
  • Relationship between mobility and stability 
  • Top Golf Injuries 

Hour 2

  • Skin Brain Connection 
  • Brain Mapping 
  • Movement Screens – Breathing, Posture & Balance 

Hour 3

  • Movement Screens 
  • Tactics – tools 
  • Strategies – Movement & Tissue Prep 
  • Mechanisms behind the tools 

Hour 4

  • Contraindications of use of tools 
  • Movement Screen Correctives 

Hour 5

  • Movement Screen Correctives 
  • Taping application for pain 
  • Stacking Strategies