During the first session I get to do what I love. I get to play detective and dig into your history past injuries, activities, lifestyle, etc. along with movement assessment, manual muscle testing and more to figure out why you are presenting with your current the symptoms or movement imbalances. From there we go into treatment and creating a plan of care to get you back where you want to be!

This all depends on what we find during the initial evaluation. So we make that decision after the first session. It could be anywhere from 2-3 sessions to 5-10+ depending on where each client is at!

Over the 14 years of practicing, I noticed that when working in an insurance-based clinic, the insurance companies interfered with the quality of care and dictated what can and cannot be done with the client. This was not always in the best interest of the patient. Insurance companies have also continued to decrease reimbursement, which caused a lot of practices to increase their volume and decrease the one-on-one time with the clients. Cash-based models allow PTs to avoid restrictions placed on their services by third-party payers that interfere with their ability to help patients reach their goals.

Click here for 10 reasons why a cashed based practice is better for you!

Effective 6/1/2022 there will be a full session charge for no shows and cancellations that do not give more than 24 hours notice in advance. Please note all new clients will be asked to provide credit card information on the day that they schedule to ensure this policy. Thank you for your understanding in this matter!

*Note: We do accept HSA (Health Savings Accounts) and FSA (Flexible Spendings Account)

*Discounted Visit Packages available upon request.